One-Stop Solution For Your Convenience

Crystal Food Caterers provide you a one-stop solution for any events or functions, from the initial stage of menu recommendation and selection to the setting up of dining facilities such asĀ  canopy and table-setting, up to food serving and the final cleaning stage.

We Make Your Health Our Business Too!

It is not all about food catering and business transactions. We care for your health and well-being too. Through our freshly selected ingredients by our executive chef and also our well-planned menu and health-conscious cooking style, we ensure our customers enjoy not only the most delectable cuisine but also a healthy and nutritious, yet sumptuous meal.

Personal Touch

We strongly believe that personal touch is vital for each of our customers, regardless of their status. Every occasion worth celebrating is important to us as much as it is important for our customers. Be it an individual or a corporate event, we would closely follow through with your requests from the initial enquiry stage till the final catering stage. To foster a good customer service practice, we shall reply your enquiry within the next 2 hours after your enquiry is received.

Certified Halal Food

As we are living in a multi-racial community with various cultures and religious background, mutual respect is crucial. To offer our Muslims society peace of mind, so that they could enjoy a variety of foods without any doubts, We also provide Halal food catering services. From food ingredients to cooking style and cutlery, we adhere strictly to the rules and regulations by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM). Our foods and cooking practices are certified halal by JAKIM.

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